How To Uninstall Or Remove Hotspot Shield VPN On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

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This is the tutorial to disable Hotspot shield app you've previously installed on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. People installed this app is because they consider about privacy while connected on the internet.

The app is also available for free, thus people might get tempted to use it. However, nothing is perfect in this world, there is a chance you don't like the app or for other reasons which led you to uninstall it.

Albeit the installation process is so simple, the situation is opposite when trying to uninstall it. But worry not, you will be guided by this post to uninstall Hotspot shield.

How to uninstall or remove Hotspot Shield VPN on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Settings?

Step 1) Turn your iOS device OS, then navigate to Settings –> General.

Step 2) When you are inside the General area, find Profile section then enter it.

Step 3) Now search for Hotspot Shield VPN there, then tap it.

Step 4) You will now see a button named Remove, then click on it.

Step 5) Done, you have managed to remove th VPN profile.

Is so simple, right?