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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Very Easy Way To Install ADB & Fastboot Drivers On PC

Since we already have managed to install TWRP recovery on Android device then I thought I should firstly provide the tutorials to install ADB & Fastboot on computer.

Because why? Because without ADB & Fastboot installed on our Windows computer then it will be impossible to perform TWRP recovery installation on Android.

As we know the processes of installing TWRP require us to execute several ADB commands on Windows to be delivered to our Android.

So how come it can be achieved if there is no ADB & Fastboot command on our computer.

By that thought I have decided to post the instructions here. We will use the very smart application namely ADB installer. With this app the installing process will be easy and fast. It takes only a few minutes.

Anyway if you don't know what the names are for. You are invited to learn about ADB and Fastboot from LifeHacker.

Anyway let's continue.

  • Make sure you have a Windows computer.

Very Easy Way To Install ADB & Fastboot Drivers On PC With ADB Installer.

  1. Now find the ADB setup you downloaded to computer then double-click on the ADB-Setup-1.4.2.exe.
    ADB Setup Android
  2. A CMD or command prompt will show up on the blue color screen.
  3. Type Y means Yes to proceed.
    Install ADB & Fastboot Drivers On Computer
  4. The installation processes will begin. Wait. Once it's done it will automatically close. 
  5. In that case. The ADB & Fastboot drivers are installed successfully. Congratulaions.

Very Easy Way To Install ADB & Fastboot Drivers On PC Posted by Lutfi Hanif